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For Beginners and Advanced Surfers

Wing Foiling is an exciting new sport that combines elements of windsurfing, kitesurfing, foiling, and surfing. Initially met with skepticism, Wing Foiling has now become an integral part of the water sports world and enjoys great popularity. There are many reasons for this, to name a few:

  • Wing Foiling is minimalist, meaning you can cover a relatively wide range of conditions with one setup
  • Wing Foiling allows you to discover new spots (less space needed to set up, easy to maneuver around obstacles, and possibility to take unbroken waves)
  • Wing Foiling is more forgiving regarding wind and wave conditions (possible even on light wind days, easier to handle in gusty wind, and yields more waves)

In Wing Foiling, your equipment consists of three main components: the wing (inflated similar to a kite), a board, and the foil. The wing captures the wind and serves as the engine. The foil allows the board to lift out of the water at sufficient speed, letting you glide almost silently over the water. Depending on skill and weight, different models and sizes of wings and boards are needed. To learn Wing Foiling with a lot of fun and joy, it's important that you are equipped with the right and suitable material. The right material also determines whether you will make quick progress or not. We have a good selection of boards, foils, and wings in various sizes and can thus provide you with the suitable setup for your skill level and the current conditions.

Another special feature of Wing Foiling is that it doesn't require much strength, especially once you can fly controlled. This makes the sport accessible to children from 35 kg and older adults. When learning, you should be prepared to fall off the board often and have to climb back on. However, don't let this deter you because the result is worth it. Once you've completed your first "flights," you'll quickly understand why this sport excites so many surfers.

At the Duotone Pro Center Sylt in Westerland, we offer beginner courses with a maximum of two students per instructor to ensure rapid learning success and a safe learning environment. Due to the challenging conditions at the Brandenburger Strand, we hold our Wing Foil courses in a shallow water area near the Rantum Harbor. Our instructors are very experienced and will teach you the important basics in no time. Additionally, our Wing Foil school is equipped with the latest products from Duotone, so you can learn on the most user-friendly and advanced equipment. To keep you warm and protect you from the foil, we also provide a wetsuit, helmet, and impact vest. All you need to bring is something to drink, sunscreen, swimwear, and a towel.

Book your Wing Foil course now and experience the indescribable feeling of flying over the water!



  • Small group classes with max. 2 students per instructor
  • Professional multi-lingual instructors able to teach in English and German


  • High-quality Duotone Wing Foil equipment for all levels and weights


  • Helmets, impact vests & wetsuits
  • All instructors are First Aid qualified


If you are a beginner looking to try your hand at wing foiling, a group lesson at Rantum on Sylt is the perfect place to start. The flatwater spot offers calm conditions that are ideal for learning the basics of wing foiling, and the group lessons provide a fun and supportive environment to learn in. During the lesson, you will receive personalized instruction from one of our instructors who will guide you through the fundamentals of wing foiling. You will learn how to handle the wing, balance on the board, and fly, all at a pace that is tailored to your skill level. If you are more advanced in wing foiling we are happy to teach you some cool new tricks!


Level: beginner to advanced
Requirement: swimming is a prerequisite and it is helpful but not a must if you have experience in other wind sports or foiling experience e.g. kiting
Starting time: high tide in "Rantum Becken"
Group ratio: max. 2 students per instructor
Duotone wing foil gear
Price: € 250


Photographer: Meerlicht Photography